The following is a list of requirements and considerations when constructing new driveways in the Town of Gale or constructing a driveway for a residence using an existing driveway entrance.

Driveway Requirements

  • All driveways constructed after June 8,2021; whether it is a new driveway or extension of an existing driveway (including field driveways), must meet the driveway requirements of the Town of Gale
  • All construction equipment is to use the prepared driveway to access the lot. Road damage caused by equipment will be the responsibility of the lot owner.
  • Driveways shall not exceed 35 feet at the highway right-of-way line and shall not be less than 20 feet at the roadway pavement.
  • Driveways shall intersect with the said highway at a 90 degree angle.
  • Driveways shall have an all weather surface in place at the time of occupancy.
  • Driveways shall have a minimum 24 foot culvert with a 15 inch minimum diameter. (The culvert requirement shall remain in effect unless the highway agency with jurisdiction grants an exception).
  • Driveways shall be level at the roadway elevation and crowned for a minimum of 15 feet extending back from said highway.
  • Driveways shall be constructed so that runoff water does not flow onto the highway pavement.
  • Driveways shall be adequate design to allow for emergency vehicle ingress and egress.
  • Culvert Replacement. Land owners will be responsible for replacement of any driveway culverts covered with concrete or they can remove the concrete so the town can replace the culvert.
  • Setback. All driveways shall be placed such that the driveway edge nearest to an adjoining property owner’s lot line is at least 10 feet from the lot line, unless driveways are shared by adjoining property owners.
  • Grade. All driveways shall accommodate emergency vehicles. The maximum grade for driveways serving dwelling units constructed after the effective date of this ordinance shall be 15%. Any applicant seeking to construct a driveway, any portion of which shall contain a grade in excess of 15%, may seek a Conditional Use Permit from the Zoning Committee, and present any plans and information which demonstrate that the steeper grade satisfies driveway requirements.
  • Site Distance. Driveways shall be so located to have a minimum 200 foot sight distance in either direction. A greater sight distance may be required at the discretion of the highway agency with jurisdiction.

Driveway Considerations

Carefully design your driveway in such a fashion that emergency vehicles will be able to service your structure(s) in the event of an emergency. It is recommended that your driveway be a minimum of 12 feet wide and have 2 foot shoulders and have an 18 foot minimum elevation clearance.

Attempt to locate your driveway entrance/exit where you can have the maximum amount of sight distance for highway safety.

COUNTY AND STATE HIGHWAYS For all driveways exiting and entering onto a State or County Highway, a driveway permit must be obtained from the Trempealeau County Highway Department. The Highway Department can be contacted at 715.538.4799.

Contact the Town of Gale office at (608) 582-4454 for any other questions.